Tutorial 4 Using the Ipad to retell a story

Many young children come into school with vast experiences in using a wide range of technology. As teachers, we have a responsibility to capitalize on this familiar knowledge and incorporate the use of technology, such as Ipad’s and specific ICT software and programs, as a valuable learning resource in the classroom. According to Jones, (2012) it is our job to find the best ways to incorporate and “embrace new technologies and use this resource to enhance meaning making in early childhood literacy” (p.31). The effective use of Ipads and specific apps can aid in a students early literacy development including their vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.

One such Ipad app, titled ‘Playschool art maker’, has been well received and effectively used by Matthew Jones, a kindergarten teacher at Wiley Park Public school. In his class, many students were developing English as an additional language and through specific scaffolding and teaching strategies, Mathew’s students effectively used this Ipad app to develop and practice their oral retelling skills. This app is very engaging as it takes on a very familiar appearance as the very well known and LOVED ABC children’s TV program, Playschool. Within this App, students take active control of developing their own individual or collaborative story, choosing the background scene and a variety of classic playschool characters to feature within their story. Once students have developed their story scene, they can record their own dialogue/narration and re-watch the story they have created.

A highly engaging and fantastic resource that I would love to implement into a literacy teaching and learning sequence!about_apps_vid_preview

Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten- students literacy development, SCAN, 31(4), 31-40.


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