IWB example lesson: The Lost Thing

Today we’ve been looking at interesting and engaging ways to use an IWB within the primary setting. From some reading we have done on IWB(Higgins, S., G. Beauchamp, and D. Miller (2007), Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards, Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225.) it’s clear that when utilizing the IWB lessons, it should be interactive for the students. A Teachers’ interaction with the board alone is not enough! Here is an activity based on Shaun Tan’s fabulous book, The Lost Thing.

the lost thing
Lesson notes:

Aim: to consider how visual features (colour, shot angles, contrast, lighting, symbolism…) evoke 
an emotional response in a viewer and explore themes of the book.


Shaun Tan The Lost Thing – bookScreen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.37.11 PM

1. Conduct a short revision discussion on how visual features evoke an emotional response to the viewer through the use of colour, shot angles, contrast, lighting, symbolism for their choices.

2. Having read the book or watched the 
short film, view a selection of images that 
use different types of angles and visual prompts. Have 
students come up and match key words to the image that best represents the mood, or the themes explored. When a student moves a word to a text box, they must give reasons for their choices (e.g. colour, shot angles, contrast, lighting, symbolism etc).

3. Working with the images and key words lead into class discussion (agree, disagree) and if certain words can be linked to 1 or more of the images.


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