“Greenwashing” and the media

The puppet hosts of The Media Show do an excellent job in satirically presenting the viewer with an important issue to consider. In particular, this clip addresses the issue of creditability through the concept of “greenwashing”, which large cooperation’s are often perpetrators of, as they falsely mislead their audiences of their environmental practices through strategic branding and advertising techniques.

As teachers, it is important to inform students that often such claims presented in new literacies might need to be checked and assessed for reliability. Students must become aware that they simple cannot assume that everything they view or hear, as in the case of digital literacies, is indeed fact. This YouTube clip is an excellent resource and a clear reminder of the power of advertising and branding. It could be used with students in the classroom to actively explore the role of image, text, music and video in successfully promoting, persuading and convincing the audience of almost anything! Students need to be aware that we can be strongly influenced positively and negatively by the attributes often presented in new literacies.

As a viewer of new literacies, we have the ability to choose to step back and consider what choices are made by the author and why they might have been made. This is an important process and skill for students to learn. Key to this process is a students ability to adopt the role of a ‘text critic’ when looking at certain texts. ( Callow, 2013, p.100). Students need to comprehend, discuss and question the many conflicting beliefs, views and opinions presented to us within media.


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